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What is Dharma (Religion) ? The word Dharma has been derived from the root Dhri which means to sustain, to support and to guide . English word for Dharma is Religion which comes from the Latin infinitive religare : i.e. Re meaning back, ligare meaning to bind or unite; or that which binds one back to ones origin. Thus, religion means re-union with God . Dharma (Religion) comprises those principles or doctrines, with the knowledge and proper performance of which, universal peace and communion with God is attained. The deeds which benefit the doer and his fellow beings are included in Dharma. If they result in pain or misery to others, they are termed as irreligious or adharma.
Kabeer Sahib ji says:- "Aisee Vani Boliye, Mun Ka Aapa Khoye Apna Tan Sheetal Kare, Auran Ko Sukh Hoye". English :- Speak such words, sans ego's ploy Body remains composed, giving the listener joy
What is Sacha Sauda ? It is the reality of religion. It is the exposure of hypocritical worship. It is the true communism. It is the terminal stage of all the sciences. It is the source of love. It is the basis of peace and order. It is the solution of the worldly disputes. It is the giver of true happiness. It is the asset of the Saints, Sagas and Seers.
What is True Dharma (Religion)? Pujya Manager Sahib ji's words were,"Man came first. Religions were instituted later for maintaining humanity and for the well-being of the mankind. However, man discarded humanity and became the custodian of religion. He forgot that his true Dharma (Religion) is Humanity". Guru Arjun Sahib says : "Of all religions, the best is the one, that enjoineth the practice of the Lords Name, which is the purest of all practices ." (M: 5 Gauri 266-18) A true religious man is he who rises above duality and searches for the golden principles of true religion by adopting which the mind is cleansed and freed from greed, hatred, enmity, violence and jealousy and faith in God is strengthened. He beholds the Divine-Light in everybody and loves the whole mankind. He is determined to do good to others by word, thought and action. Only such a righteous person deserves salvation.
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